Learn SBC

Learn C4D

Follow the learning modules in this 3-step tutorial to design evidence-driven communication strategies to help vaccinate every child. 

Understand image
Get to know the problem, the risk groups and their perceptions, and how to use research to refine objectives.
Plan image
Define your target audience and barriers to change, then develop messages and choose channels to reach your audience.
Integrate communications tactics and understand their strengths and weaknesses, then evaluate performance.


Agora self learning


Planning and managing global health programmes: Promoting quality, accountability, and equity

Address the concepts, theoretical frameworks and practical details involved with planning and managing global health programmes.


Collecting and using data for disease control and global health decision-making

Address the application of surveillance systems in a wide variety of epidemiological situations and make data-informed decisions.


Training on OPV Switch

This is a recording of the Webinar on OPV switch, which was conducted by UNICEF MENA regional office with the support of UNICEF-HQ, WHO, CDC and Task Force for Global Health. If anyone who wants to learn all about OPV switch directly from the Global experts just in two hours, this is your chance.


Cold Chain Logistics and Vaccine Management (CCL&VM) during Polio Supplementary Immunization Activities

This e-learning course is a suite of modules designed to help users acquire the skills needed to manage CCL&VM systems for Polio supplementary immunization activities (SIAs).


GPEI polio outbreak response

This elearning course is designed to help learners develop a knowledge of polio outbreak response standard operating procedures.


Communication for Development (C4D) - Online Course

This course will introduce participants to the field of Communication for Development (C4D). C4D is an evidence-based process that utilizes a mix of communication tools, channels and approaches to facilitate participation and engagement with children, families, communities, networks for positive social and behaviour change in both development and humanitarian contexts. It draws on learnings and concepts from the social, behavioural and communication sciences. Participants will learn about key concepts and approaches in C4D and best practices in planning, implementing and evaluating participatory and evidence-based C4D interventions.