STOP Program

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The GPEI STOP Program (STOP) is a collaboration between Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). 

The STOP Program’s public health workforce has been engaged in the global fight to eradicate polio for over 20 years. STOP team members are also on the frontlines supporting national responses to other vaccine-preventable and emerging infectious diseases like measles, yellow fever, hepatitis B, cholera, Ebola and now COVID-19.  

CDC’s investments in training and deploying public health professionals, where and when they are needed most, help countries build stronger immunization systems to increase vaccine coverage and improve outbreak detection and response time. 

UNICEF has partnered with CDC in the STOP program to bring specific technical support in the area of Social and Behaviour Change (SBC). UNICEF works with CDC to develop the SBC training curriculum and materials as well as facilitates STOP SBC training during the SBC week of the 3-week training program. 


What is the STOP Program?

STOP recruits and trains international public health consultants to deploy to countries worldwide 

3 weeks training - third week on SBC is led by UNICEF

260 consultants deployed in 40 countries each year 

Shift C4D to SBC: 5 approaches that go beyond communication

Shift C4D to SBC
STOP Program

Frontline defense against polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases

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Interview of STOP Facilitator and Trainer

What are STOP ultimate goals ?

STOP consultants help :

  • strengthen national immunization surveillance programs
  • support supplemental immunization activities
  • respond to disease outbreaks
  • support polio eradication
  • provide Social and Behaviour Change expertise  

STOP Helps Build and Sustain Immunization Capacity Within Countries


Why become a STOP consultant?

- To gain international public health leadership experience 

- To make critical contributions to polio eradication and other VPD elimination and control efforts locally  

- To make a valuable career advancement opportunity

How to apply?

If you are interested in becoming a STOP consultant, read more on how to apply. 

STEP 1 - Learn more about STOP and why it matters. 

STEP 2 - Review the frequently asked questions for applicants. 

STEP 3 - Make sure you meet the requirements for STOP positions

STEP 4 - Complete an application for the STOP Program*. 

* Recruitment will open for STOP Team 56 in May 2023 ! 

Key areas of focus

  • Vaccination activities to mitigate and contain outbreaks of VPDs 
  • Active and passive surveillance 

  • Health education and communication 

  • Immunization policy guidance 

  • Outbreak response activities 

  • Data management and analysis 

  • Social and Behaviour Change