Highlights of SBC Focus in Polio

Nigeria UNICEF
Misinformation Management
hok Hassu, Dist Rawalpindi,Pakistan, Polio staff Nighat Bibi age 25 is marking on the wall in national immunization day (NID)
Using Social Data
Cote d'Ivoire - Child and polio worker
SBC for nOPV2



The SBCC Summit is an excellent opportunity to share experiences, network and learn how the Social and Behaviour Change field of work is rapidly evolving. Participants at the Summit will learn and share about emerging innovations in the field and expand connections between SBCC organizations, practitioners and scholars; acquire new skills and discuss new evidence and methodologies; address challenges facing the SBCC community and set global policy and programmatic agendas for the SBCC field. 

The Full Program is now live ! - Official agenda available here 

POLIO SIDE EVENT (Sunday 4 December) - Sharing Learning from Polio SBC : Misinformation, Social Data and Conflict

Over the past 30 years polio eradication action, including social and behaviour change, has received substantial investment and made demonstrable progress towards eradication. Though there has been remarkable progress, there have also been very significant challenges.

The event focused on three key themes: The utilization of social data to inform and improve SBC programming; misinformation strategies and action; and SBC in conflict settings on which there is substantial polio learning; key polio eradication challenges remain; and, there is significant relevance to challenges faced by action across the full range of development priorities, including increasing routine immunization rates. 

The purpose was to share and discuss learning from polio SBC that can be helpful to both next steps and challenges for polio SBC and the work and priorities of people engaged in other development issues.

Official flyer available here 

Full recordings available here : Part 1 / Part 2

If interested, all the PDF presentations are available below